Uttara Adhunik Medical College (UAMC)


Rules for Admission of National Students

Eligibility of applicants:

As per prescribed criteria by the Directorate General of Medical Education (DGME) of the Ministry of
Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Selection & admission procedure:

Successful candidates selected by the Directorate General of Health Services, through a competitive exam, will be eligible for admission in UAMC. The final selection of the students is made by an admission committee formed by the DGME on the basis of national "admission test examination results" & Student's choice as per guidelines given by the office of the Director General of Health Services (DGHS). 

Student quotas:

UAMC has total of 90 seats allocated for 1st year MBBS candidates as per DG health instructions since 2013-2014. Considering the followings:

  • Poor quota: Five (5%) seats free studentship is awarded to a few of the students based on their academic achievement and on parents' financial condition selected by Governing Body.
  • Freedom fighter quota: Two (2%) seats.

Candidates finally selected shall have to clear all payable fees to complete admission by the announced date and time. Otherwise their selection will be cancelled and the place will be filled up from among the candidates in waiting list.

Expenses & payable charges for the MBBS course (Session 2022-2023):

Particulars                                                                       Amount (Taka)

  • Admission fee                                                          19,44,000/-
  • Internship fee                                                            1,80,000/-
  • Tuition fee -1st two months’ in advance                           20,000/-

Total payable amount during admission:               Tk. 21,44,000/-

                                                                  (Taka Twenty One Lac Forty Four Thousand) only

The Tuition fee will be Taka 10,000/- (Taka Ten Thousand) only per month till the completion of the course.

The particulars described above are as per the decision of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Students are liable to pay VAT as per Government instructions (if any).


Rules for the Admission of Foreign Students

Eligibility of the applicants:

As per the admission policy for foreign students made by the Government of Bangladesh. Candidates must have a non- Bangladeshi passport.

Selection & admission procedure:

The following requirements must be fulfilled by the interested foreign students for their admission in UAMC-

a) Copy of O and A level or equivalent certificates & transcripts attested by their foreign ministry.

b) Duly filled in application form provided by the Bangladesh Embassy at their country.

c) A separate Foreign Students’ application form available at the Principal’s office of UAMC should be collected on payment (will be announced later) and submitted along with the photocopies of passport and O/A level or equivalent certificates.

d) Upon the final assessment of all the supplied documents by the DGHS, the eligible candidates shall be chosen and notified to the UAMC authority officially. The suitable applications shall then be considered by the respective college authority. For this total processing, the application form submitted to the Embassy should reach DGHS via the Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh.

Expenses & payable charges for the MBBS course (Session 2021-2022):

  1. Admission fee & Tuition fee (For five years) US Dollar        $40,000

 (Govt. VAT has to be paid according to the rule of Govt. & University fees as per decision of Govt. & University)

Mode of Payment: During admission US Dollar $20,000 and every year US Dollar $5,000 (20000+5000X4).


For further information regarding admission please contact:

College office: Uttara Adhunik Medical College; House # 34, Road # 4, Sector # 9,

Sonargaon Janapath, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.