Uttara Adhunik Medical College (UAMC)




Teaching members

All the departments are enriched with well experienced & qualified members - blend of a distinguished body of academics with proven teaching & research excellence and younger professionals with varied experience. Most of the members engaged in teaching at UAMC&H have earned their perfection from home and abroad (Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United States and many other countries). They are highly motivated and sincerely interested in optimal patient care, and in the teaching of medical students and trainee doctors under their intensive supervision. At present there are more than 103 regular teaching members including Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Registrar, Curator and Lecturer in this institute.

Undergraduate teaching

Teaching of MBBS curriculum in undergraduate students is scheduled into daily routines as per Dhaka University recommendations involving all the faculty members primarily in the morning. The College is implementing well designed curricula, utilizing modern and effective instructional methods and aids including information technology, providing the right environment for faculty development and by continuously monitoring and rigorously evaluating all the activities and systems.      

Teaching is imparted in both large and small groups through standard teaching methods. Some Clinical classes are conducted in evening sessions. Academic calendar of each phase is provided to the students accordingly to ensure their timely completion of course contents to qualify for upcoming professional exams.

In course Undergraduate training & Internship

  • Following successful completion of First professional MBBS examination, students are placed in different departments/units of the hospital for clinical training as per BMDC curriculum. Students attend clinical wards everyday; 2 hours in the morning and in the evening. They are also directed to attend operations in theatre, where they are taught about theatre etiquette, sterilization, instruments & basic surgical techniques.
  • After the successful completion of final professional examination students will have to obtain one year internship training at this hospital which is mandatory pre-requisite for BMDC registration. The internship programme will be organized as per prescribed rules of BMDC.